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Company Overview

At all of the Equinox Group companies, our mission is to help our clients and our people succeed and excel in reaching and exceeding their business objectives.

We do this by ascertaining that we employ and retain the best-trained human resources, by capitalising on the full spectrum of digital technologies and by ascertaining that we offer better value propositions than our competitors at all times.

Our vision is to be the business partners of choice for the implementation of complex projects requiring highly-specialised skills.

Our aspiration is to remain positioned as the de facto Standard of Excellence in the market for the services we offer and to remain the first port of call for our clients, whose interests we will always aim to put first.

We will do this while upholding the value of integrity, aiming for long-term environmental sustainability and avoiding conflicts of interest at all times.

The Equinox Group of companies is made up of a tightly-knit team of highly-specialised professionals that are here to help you achieve your business goals. We are highly passionate about what we do and believe that the best solution for you is always one that is tailor-made to your own specific circumstances, operating environment and requirements.

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Engaging Equinox for our in-house training of our management was one of the best initiatives and investments.
From the very first meeting up until closure, we found extremely helpful, customer-centric and solutions-driven people. Bernard is an extremely well-read thinker with an added quality of calmness in his delivery that makes him approachable by all levels of attendants. His thinking is switched on solution mode. His research skills are sharp and pointed. It was a pleasure working with him and his team. I have no hesitation whatsoever in attesting to the quality of, and in recommending Equinox.

Franco Azzopardi, CEO Express Group
Franco Azzopardi
CEO, Express Group

Equinox Group Companies

  • Equinox Advisory
  • Equinox Legal
  • Equinox Academy
  • Easy Money Transfer
  • Algorithmic BrAIn

How We Work

Our Core Values


All our consultants adhere to a strict code of conduct intended to put the minds of everyone who does business with us at rest. This is reflected into our contractual agreements with clients.

Privacy and Safety

Equinox Group companies take privacy and confidentiality very seriously. This has been the case long before GDPR came into effect and is also contractually assured in all client agreements.


While we acknowledge that short-term goals are important and are sometimes crucial in winning long-term support for corporate projects, our ultimate focus remains on long-term sustainable results.

Quality Services

Quality is central to everything we do and is something we never compromise on. Our strong in-house quality management and control system is regularly audited to ensure robustness and its ability to meet the high quality standards we are synonymous with.

Investing in Staff

For a service-oriented group of companies like Equinox, people are a very important driver of service quality and efficiency. That is why we go through great pains and spare no expense in training.


In everything we do, we constantly challenge the status quo of established business models, precepts and procedures (even when they are working) and learn from the experience of others to continually improve and innovate our products and services.

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