Equinox Advisory

Equinox Advisory was established in 2008. It provides the following services: Business Advisory, Business Valuation, Organisation Design, Data Analysis and Report Writing, Econometric Estimation, Evidence-Based Public Policy Appraisals, Feasibility Studies, Formulation of Economics-Based Public Policy Advice Formulation of National Sectoral Policies, Industry Analyses, Investment Appraisal, Macroeconomic Analysis and Impact Assessments, Market & Auction Design, Market Segmentation, Microeconomics analysis, Quantification of damages for court cases and Regulatory Policy Advice, Business Process Re-Engineering & Optimisation, Change Management, Pricing Waterfall Analysis & Bottom-Line Impact Assessments, Process Optimisation & Consolidation, Design of Compensation and Performance Assessment Systems, Corporate Strategy Governance, MS Excel Modelling and Compliance Services in GDPR, NIS Directive, AI Regulation and Digital Markets Act.

What sets Equinox Advisory apart from other service providers is the ability of its associates to link the dots across multiple disciplines.

Our Core Services


Business advisory services combined with first-rate technical expertise that help your business grow and flourish.


Compliance services to address regulatory compliance from employee training to developing the right policies and procedures.


Corporate services that take the stress out of routine operations and allow you to focus on your core business.


Economics services covering M&A, quantifications, valuations, forecasts, regulatory support, and behavioural & statistical modelling.