Concluding Remarks

Algorithmic BrAInAI Insights - The AI Imperative: Concluding Remarks

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Concluding Remarks

This insight, which we believe is timely given the pressures that organisations of all kinds are starting to face in keeping up with their competitors when it comes to intelligent automation has sought to underscore the management challenges that AI onboarding can bring about before, during and following an AI onboarding exercise.

We have sought to portray the ugly, as well as the nice sides of the technology as we believe that it is important for organisations to know what they are going to be up against when they decide to undertake the difficult but rewarding journey of becoming data- and then AI- driven and have sought to give practical advice to surmount the challenges that we have found in common among our clients.

Overall, we believe that AI investments have a very high return on investment and should be undertaken. However, throwing money at an opportunity without having the right framework to ensure that your money is being spent well and that you are not putting the cart before the horse is more difficult to achieve in an area that is still relatively new and where not many people have experience yet. It is imperative for organisations to get things right at incipiency, as getting them wrong will delay the adoption of a very important technology that could give them a competitive advantage over time and that will ultimately differentiate between the market winners and losers.

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