Equinox Group CEO's Interview With Who's Who Malta

Algorithmic BrAInEquinox Group CEO's Interview With Who's Who Malta

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Equinox Group CEO Bernard Mallia has been invited for an interview on AI with Edward Bonello of Who’s Who Malta. The topic of the interview related to how Artificial Intelligence is set to change the business world.

In the interview, available here, Bernard referred to the most salient features of a recent insight he has published, available here, which encapsulates and encompasses the lessons that the Equinox Group has learnt from its AI deployments.

Points that were touched upon include quantum computing, complexity, cost and some use cases. AI adoption can improve business operations and make them more agile and responsive to change. The benefits of becoming a data-driven organisation lead to a better understanding of customers, as well as the ability to make decisions quickly. Organisations, however, need to have a clear understanding of what they want to achieve through their AI programme in order for their AI investments to make sense.

The interview concluded with the reiteration that while Equinox believes that organisations should invest in AI, they need to be careful how they go about it. If they fail to get things right at the very outset it is likely to delay, derail or altogether kill the adoption of a very important technology that has the potential of taking an organisation to the next levels of success.

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