Business Process Reengineering (BPR) Services

Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

Business Process Re-engineering

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Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) is the revolutionary process of rethinking the way a company does business. BPR is a systematic approach to change that challenges conventional processes, procedures and ways of doing business with the aim of creating dramatic improvements in critical performance measures such as costs, quality, and service.
Our BPR services are provided by some of the best IT, management and compliance specialists in the market. They help companies to enhance their business processes, attain compliance, eliminate inefficiencies and accelerate growth. Equinox Advisory is a reliable partner for both small and big businesses that want to create flexible and efficient procedures that ensure lasting competitive advantage.

We provide business process architecture consulting services that ensure a full understanding of business processes and activities of the company. Our experienced consultants are able to create a common language and shared vision among business stakeholders for process redesign and optimisation, and also to proritise the required investments. We also help companies define the Business Process Management strategy based on their current business objectives, industry trends, technology capabilities and organisational culture. Moreover, we also provide strategic planning for Business Process Management (BPM) implementation including selecting target processes for automation, determining the right solution for each process, assigning roles and responsibilities, defining the scope of work with deadlines, identifying risks and mitigation plans, and designing the data flows and ownership/approval gates.

After evaluating existing processes, our consultants determine areas for potential improvement based on business objectives and ongoing projects. They focus on improving operational efficiency, reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction through the analysis of business processes, their mapping on workflow diagrams, cross-functional team involvement in brainstorming sessions and other activities aimed at cost reduction.

Our BPR team can quickly improve existing operational processes or design completely new ones based on your company’s needs. Our unparalleled strength lies in integrating Business Process Re-engineering with Business Process Automation and compliance expertise. We leverage our corporate strengths to provide comprehensive BPM consulting services with a view to helping companies automate, streamline and optimise their business processes while ensuring that they are compliant with laws that are either already in force or that have recently come on the RADAR for future implementation. Our specialists endeavour to improve operational efficiency by automating manual tasks to minimise errors and reduce costs by identifying and eliminating redundant and duplicate tasks and by optimising useful ones. This generally leads to an increase customer satisfaction as service quality is improved. We also develop innovative solutions and implement cutting-edge technologies in order to make your company more competitive. Additionally, Equinox Academy provides practical BPR and BPM training courses that enable business employees and IT specialists to become certified BPM consultants.

Services Offered

  • Process mapping
  • Flowcharts
  • Business process analysis, redesign, review and improvement
  • Process documentation process training and education
  • Business Process Automation

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