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Economics Services

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The Equinox Group’s suite of economics services was the first service that Equinox had started off with at its inception. They were premised on a single fundamental principle, namely that of using the power of economic analysis and its diverse toolset to answer some of the world’s most difficult challenges without bias and without prejudice. This principle is still at the heart of all we do at our economics advisory unit, and is reflected in the core values underlying our economics interventions: to be innovative, collaborative, creative and professional.

This core principle, together with our values, have directed us ever since, and has taken us from where we began to having an international outreach today.

Equinox Advisory works with a wide range of partners to provide innovative solutions to some of the most complex economics problems around. We have a proven track record of success and an established reputation for achieving results and for happy clients. Our collaborative approach draws on the skills and expertise of our partners to deliver real change. We’ve worked and continue to work with the world’s leading experts and organisations to provide advice, expertise and support in areas where we’ve built our expertise.

We have contributed in shaping regulation and infrastructure development in multiple regions across the world and have contributed to taking the realisation of the millennium development goals a step further. We’ve worked closely with companies, governments, regulatory authorities and supranational governance institutions, as well as with some of the smartest professional partners around to put together solutions that are fresh and creative, and which continue to withstand the scrutiny of markets, regulators, and more importantly the test of time.

Driven by curiosity, integrity, and a passion for making a difference, we bring original and impactful perspectives to the biggest questions facing business and society.

Services Offered

  • Cost Benefit Analyses (CBAs)
  • Technical Feasibility Studies
  • Project Evaluations
  • Public Policy
  • Public Utilities (water, waste, electricity, telecoms, transport, energy & health)
  • Public Goods economics
  • Industrial Policy
  • Evaluation of Public Health Outcomes
  • Quantification of Damages for court cases

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